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BTS on Having No Friends, Drake and Pokémon - The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

VIPER has been increasingly infiltrating and taking over other gangs. As their gang grows, so does the rate of violence and crimes. An arranged marriage. Between the youngest member of BTS and you. Over time, the romantic feelings you had for Jungkook become so overwhelming that you decided to confess to him. The look on his face when you poured your heart out to him, confessing your love completely shattered you.

You felt your heart clenching painfully, making it difficult to breathe. He was supposed to be your best friend, he was supposed to understand you so why was he reacting the way he did?

Continuation after episode 6. Originally posted by k0mely. Summary: Continuation after Episode Go Ha Jin tries to remember him, the masked man she feels so strongly connected to. Will they meet in this lifetime? Every lifetime, every moment I spent with you…. Requesting Guidelines. Copycat Theme.

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Reblog Share Tweet. June 13th, Namjoon is determined to change from being your reality. But over time they learn to share their love of the ice with each other and create magic. The trust needed to complete one of the hardest jumps in skating history is something you and Jimin do not share, due to one night stands and midnight practices.

A pair of infamous volleyball rivals are paired together and with their shared goal of winning gold in the Olympics, they might just become friends or even something more. At first, you were just the person they kidnapped by accident but after discovering your talent for cards, they give you no chance but to join them. Just another cliche story about the girl with flower tattoos and the boy who works next door in the flower shop.

A girl with endless hookups and confidence to spare and a shy boy, who only took the job because he needed some extra money but now knows the meaning of each flower. This odd duo end up providing each other with a much needed, unexpected friendship, with a bit of help from the shop owners and customers.

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Together they will travel the cosmos in search of the missing zodiacs to restore peace and hopefully, Jeon Jeongguk will fall for her in the process. You never expected Jeongguk to fall for you, you were just meant to be the lifeguard for his family pool. Taehyung was never one to enjoy the wind in his hair but after you entered his life, all his old beliefs fly out of the window.

Jimin has only ever had eyes for one mermaid and you soon learn that what the prince wants, he gets. After years of pining, Jin finally gives into his desire and coincidently your patience is rewarded.

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You and your best friend, Desiree, celebrated in the loudest and wildest clubs of the city for weeks on end. Tonight, for a change, you decided on a more laid back, sexy and high-class club.

It was one of your favorites, only appropriately clothed people were allowed in, the light was dim and the people were all looking at you with hungry eyes.

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Nobody really lived up to your expectations, though. Until you felt a heavy gaze lingering on your dancing figure. You felt the urge to invite the man, his face barely visible behind the shadow his fluffy, curly hair threw, only more prominent because of the lack of light.

Fixating his eyes, you slowly made to disappear in the dancing crowd, hoping his interest in you was big enough for him to take initiative. Jimin, impregnation kink, pregnancy kink, m. Originally posted by jung-koook. Warnings: impregnation kink, pregnancy kink, lactation kink, oral sex f. His brow had raised in confusion as he looked at you from the webcam on his laptop that sat on the desk of his hotel room. The two of you were laying together in bed.

You had finally found that comfortable position to lay on your side where the baby growing inside of you did not suffocate any of your organs, and there was minimal discomfort to your back.

Namjoon lay next to you, with his head pressed close against your engorged breasts, gently pressing his cheek against them as he ran his hand over your protruding stomach. L word. You let out a small groan, trying to burrow further into the warm covers. Inhaling deeply, while sleep still has its hold on you, you breathe in the earthy, musky scent that was definitively not yours.

Answer: Love myself, Love yourself.

Immediately, your eyes snap open, brain whizzing into action as you sit up promptly, the covers gathering around your belly.

Wake up! Jungkook jumps closer to you, flopping over your lap before smiling up at you with his bunny-esque smile. Meanwhile, Jimin stands a little to the side of the bed, smiling shyly at you. Your heart lurches, wanting nothing more than to grab the adorable boy and pepper him with kisses.

Jimin looks at you expectantly, little brows furrowed and you nod. All he would ever need was music, dancing, and of course, the parties. Now what happens when he gets a wake up call from reality when the door rings approximately six years after his last one night stand? Originally posted by vanillashiba. Seokjin is sitting on the couch when he hears keys being twisted in the entrance door.

His eyes illuminate the second he sees you, gazing at your beautiful figure, instantly looking for your belly. Your husband stands up to greet you and helps you get rid of your coat. You peck his lips, thanking him. You walk away and your eyes widen at the great amount of delicious food laid down in front of you. What do you think you are doing? You slowly give him your plate before walking back to your seat.

Your husband and you have rented a summer house for a couple of weeks far from everything and away from the public eye. With a towel hanging on your arm, you walk toward the pool; spotting Yoongi lazily floating in the water.

You giggle at his sight as you push the glass door open. You straighten the towel on one of the sun loungers and slip out of your flip-flops.Jin chuckled while he walked up the drive way of your shared home.

The white plastic back that swung back and forth with every step he took, containt lots of things; from sweets to bath salt and massage oil.

bts father au tumblr

Walking through the front door he immediately noticed something was not right. He placed the bag on the floor and made his way to your bedroom. Upon opening your closet and seeing your missing clothes, he cursed loudly. Calling one of his man he made his way to his car. Making his way to the airport as fast as he could. You look up at the bright boards above you, trying to find your flight.

Why did you think running away was a good idea?! Hoping he keeps his promise. Originally posted by seokjinstae-moved. Leaning against the cold wall you try to catch your breath. You have been walking through this tunnel for at least 30 minutes now.

It was becoming darker and harder for you to see, as the lights Suga had put in here were becoming less bright and appearing less frequent. But you were starting to panic. Using your hands to navigate along the walls you knew you had to keep going. He rested his back against the door of his car, the sunlight shining bright and high in the sky, it was You should be almost here now if his calculations were right.

The light that is shining brightly in your eyes as you turn the last corner has you almost crying from relief. You quickly walk the last few meters of the tunnel, but freeze right before you could take the last step out of the tunnel.Could you do it please? Knowing Jin his age is something the members are always picking on so you calling him daddy while you were with the members would just tick him off.

He be pissed at first, then you calmed him down by whispering dirty pleasures in his ear while the members laughed unbeknownst to the filth coming from your mouth. Both you and Hoseok should know how hard it is to find a decent women who loves to fuck! He was either weird or proud when it came to talking about sexual adventures or subjects.

You could tell he was trying to school his expression by biting on his lower lip and scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably. Feeling a laugh arising from your chest you looked toward Hoseok and awaited his reply.

Never have you ever thought that just one pet name could leave your man and 6 other boys speechless. Originally posted by jjeonguk. You watched in awe as he put his lenses onto the bridge of his nose and got back to the book he was reading. When you first pitched the idea to Jimin about the little kink you had after it slipped while he fingered you in the shower one morning. He immediately stopped with his fingers still in you, cocking his head to the side. Noticing your discomfort Jimin leaned his wet body closer to your flushed face.

Originally posted by bloombwi. Especially when you say it in front of the members. When you were alone it would have a different effect on him. He proceeded to lift you up and threw you over his shoulder giving you a view of his tight ass. Its been your go to pet name when you want to drive him mad, when you want to get your way, or just as a term of endearment. Nodding your head you got up from his lap you headed to the kitchen and cut him a medium slice of the chocolate side of the cake you make for the boys.

Returning to your spot on his lap, Jungkook immediately wrapped his strong arms around your waste and pulled you closer to the warmth of his body.

bts father au tumblr

The both of you forget there was even people around when you placed the empty plate on the table you looked up from the plate to see six unique shocked expressions.

Chocolate or Vanilla. Tags: Jungkook smut jungkook kook Jungkook reaction Jungkook reactions jeon jungkook jeongguk Namjoon smut Namjoon reactions rm reactions rm smut rm namjoon rap monster rap monster smut Yoongi smut Yoongi reactions yoongi Yoongi bts min yoongi smut min yoongi min Yoongi reactions agust d jin seokjin smut jin smut worldwide handsome seokjin reactions seokjin reaction kim seokjin.Originally posted by exquisite-yoongi.

Reader ft. Keep reading. The staff quickly left, sensing that Namjoon needed to talk to the members alone. Pausing the music, Hoseok tried to catch his breath as he grabbed a water bottle, taking a seat beside the eldest rapper.

Sitting on the spare chair, Namjoon ran a hand through his hair before looking to the guys who waited for news. They had been there when you fainted, Yoongi being the one who called the ambulance because Namjoon was too panicked to even form any words other than your name. Clearing his throat, Namjoon gave a shaky, unsure smile, worried about how they would accept it. Namjoon visibly relaxed as he realised the group was more than accepting to his news.

Turning slightly to face him, you watched as his eyebrows furrowed more, his lips in a tight line. We have been married two years. You gave a shy smile, your hands landing on your stomach.

Trust me.

bts father au tumblr

Standing up, you allowed Yoongi to take the box from you. His eyebrow raised as suspicion washed over him. Slowly, he took off the bow, lifting the lid. A curse emitted from his lips as he saw what was inside. Your heart dropping into your stomach at his curse, you were instantly confused as his eyes lit up, a grin spreading across his face. Are you joking? I love you so much! Hoseok frowned as his sister gave him a knowing smile, a flicker of an unknown emotion in her eyes.

One of you will let the secret slip. As he picked up a black box, he heard a laugh coming from his sister. Raising an eyebrow, he looked to you, a small smile on your face as you eagerly watched him. A small gasp left Hoseok as he unwrapped the present. A positive pregnancy date lay in the box, along with a date for later that year. Forgetting the other presents, Hoseok ran towards you, quickly bringing you into his arms.

bts dad!au

You nervously tapped your foot, scanning the crowd of excited fans. You remembered your first time in the crowd. You had been an excited fan, waiting anxiously with your best friend, who was talking excitedly with other fans, discussing the newest album and their favourite song.

You remembered your amazement as the seven boys entered the room, waving to the fans before taking their seats. Now, now you were waiting for your husband. Still anxious, but now for a completely different reason. You clutched at your album, the important sticky note sticking out the side.

Waving shyly to your husband who just found you in the crowd, you gave a laugh as you saw the fans around you wave back, bringing up their phones to take pictures.

Finally, it was your turn, making small talk with Namjoon who sat beside Jimin, your heart sped up as you realised how close you were to telling him the big news. Saying goodbye to the leader, you moved along to your husband. The feeling from the cold ceramic of the toilet gave you a short relief as you rested your head.All he would ever need was music, dancing, and of course, the parties. Now what happens when he gets a wake up call from reality when the door rings approximately six years after his last one night stand?

Despite his busy work schedule, he kept his daughter, Moonji, right by his side. He is an author after all and this meant work was from home and he was able to spend time with Moonji every second he can.

After the chapter that included his wife has ended, Namjoon has been stuck on the same chapter of just him and Moonji for almost three years now. Until a new inspiration for his next chapter came to his book signing. But is it too soon for another page of romance? With this new life as a married man and a father, Jimin felt overwhelmed and was unsure if he was able to do it all.

Will this new beginning be a small bump he just has to get over? No relationship, no babies, no responsibilities.


Well he had his puppy, but that was it. Taehyung watched his nieces and nephews grow up and it was no secret that he too wanted to have one of his own someday.

But what will happen if he finally finds someone that matches his personality and himself well? Parties included two and three year olds, drinking was exclusively banana milk, and wild nights was when his son refused to sleep. But what happens when an old friend shows up, bringing Jungkook back to when life was easier and he had no responsibilities? Did Jungkook grow up too fast? You can say that his life was perfect.

bts father au tumblr

Everything was according to plan and everything fell into place. It was all he ever wanted.